Hilton Head Island - Vacation Arrival Information

Your Hilton Head vacation is getting close! Please take a moment to read the information below on what to bring and some guidelines to help improve your stay with us. Contact us with any questions you might have at 843-781-6006 or [email protected].

Check-In Time is no earlier than 4pm and Check-Out Time is no later than 10am. Unauthorized early check-ins or late check-outs will be subject to additional penalty fees.
Air Conditioning is to never go below 72 degrees when set to cool or the system will freeze and you will be without AC for approximately 24 hours. The AC system should also never go above 78 when set to heat. The fan mode must remain on “Auto” at all times. Give the AC time to cool down upon arrival due to inspectors and cleaners going in and out of the property throughout the day. Please keep doors and windows shut while running the AC and heat.
Refrigerators are to be kept on the middle temperature setting at all times. (Same with the freezer) Please keep the door closed as much as possible for 12 hours after initially loading your groceries since it will take some time to cool back down.
Television and Internet operation guidelines will be located on a laminated sheet located in or near the Kitchen. If the TV does not respond to the remote, first check the batteries are in correctly. The light on the remote should come on if they are functioning properly. Verify the TV is on the correct source/input (Normally the correct input is HDMI1).
Lightbulbs and Batteries will be in the laundry/utility room cabinet. If there is no laundry room/utility room, they will be in one of the Kitchen cabinets. If you run out of light bulbs, batteries or specialty light bulbs are needed, please contact us at 843-781-6006.
Trash is collected at homes/townhomes twice per week and you do not take the trash cans to the street. Trash cans will be emptied and returned to their designated areas. Villas will have trash chutes/cans located on each floor near the elevators. Townhomes will have trash cans located near the front of the unit or a communal trash can nearby.
Private Pools and Spas can be heated and is done so at an additional charge which must be arranged prior to your arrival. Pools and spas are not heated in summer months (June-August). No adjustment will be made to the rental rate due to unforeseen mechanical problems with heating of pools and spas. Cleaning occurs once per week with an additional weekly clean from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Housekeeping is provided upon departure. If the premises appear dirty or damaged upon Check-in, Guest(s) shall inform Management immediately.
Homeowner and Management are not responsible for money, jewelry, or other valuables lost, stolen or left behind on the premises. Homeowner and Management reserve the right to enter the premises for the purposes of inspecting for damages, repairs, and maintenance or pest control.
Noise is limited between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM under Hilton Head ordinance (#95-05) Unruly or disruptive behavior at any time can terminate this agreement, with the Guest(s) ordered to vacate the premises.
Items supplied:

  • Linen and Bath Towel Set
  • Kitchen/Laundry and Bath Starter Sets
  • All major appliances including washer and dryer
  • Fully stocked kitchen including microwave, coffee maker, toaster, pots/pans and a sufficient amount of dishes/cooking utensils based on the max occupancy per property
  • Free Wi-Fi, cable and/or internet TV
  • Hairdryer, iron and ironing board

Items you might want to bring:

  • For Bikes, Beach Gear and Baby Gear Rentals -  Call Vacation Comfort Rentals at 800-655-9315 – Use Promo Code FERG10 to save 10% on all rentals
  • Beach towels, beach chairs, pool/beach games
  • Kitchen condiments, coffee filters (most properties have your standard 10/12 cup coffee maker) and any items you need after the starter sets run out

Resort Rules for Palmetto Dunes, Shipyard, Sea Pines and Forest Beach

  • Parking on the roadway is not permitted. Parking on lawns is discouraged.
  • Do not hang towels or swimwear on porch railings.
  • Trash bins and trash bags are NOT to be brought roadside. They should remain in the service yard where they will be picked up by waste contractors.
  • Automobiles have the right of way.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians shall use leisure paths where available.
  • Do not feed the alligators or disturb any wildlife.
  • Loud music or excessive noise is not tolerated at any time.
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
  • All boats, jet skis, kayaks, trailers, moving trucks, motorcycles or commercial/recreational vehicles are prohibited.