Terms and Conditions

Check-in is no earlier than 4 p.m. on the arrival date and check-out is no later than 10 a.m. on the departure date. Unauthorized early check-ins or late check-outs will be subject to additional fees. Each reservation is limited to the advertised number of Guests. Ferg Vacations, LLC attempts to have every property ready by 4 p.m. but cannot guarantee cleaning and inspection will be completed by that time. Check-out procedures will be sent to the email on file one (1) day prior to your departure date.

The total rental amount includes Rent, Taxes, Housekeeping and a (non-refundable) Reservation Fee. (Credit Card, Travel/Damage Insurance, Pet and Car Pass fees will be added if applicable) A prepayment of 50% the total rental amount (plus Reservation and Travel/Damage Insurance Fees) are due upon booking. Guest must pay the remainder of the total rental amount to Ferg Vacations, LLC at least 30 days prior to the Commencement Date. (45 days prior on Monthly Rentals) Acceptable payment methods include personal check, bank check, money order or credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover).

  • Checks and money orders must be made payable to Ferg Vacations and can be mailed to our office: Ferg Vacations, 2 Greenwood Drive, Bldg. B, Hilton Head, SC 29928. There is a $40 fee for all returned checks.
  • A 3.5% transaction fee will be charged on the total rental amount, including all fees and taxes, when paying by credit card. An additional transaction fee of 2.5% applies to International credit cards. Credit card fees are non-refundable.
  • Any payment made by Guest shall be deposited in an escrow account with South State Bank, 2 Palmetto Bay Road, Hilton Head, SC and disbursed as authorized under South Carolina law. (Disclosure is hereby given that the rental agent escrow account is an interest-bearing account, with the interest being to the benefit of the rental agent)

A Town and State Accommodations Tax of 11% is added to all reservations unless the Guest stays 90 consecutive days or more.

Guest will be provided with a key box code which will contain two (2) keys to the property or an electronic door code for their rental property. If keys are not returned, Guest will be liable for a re-keying fee. If staying in Palmetto Dunes, each car pass is $25 per car, per week (plus 11% tax). If staying in Shipyard, each car pass is $10 per car, per week (plus 11% tax). If staying in Sea Pines, each car pass is $22, and the Guest pays for the pass upon arrival at the Sea Pines Guard Gate. The maximum number of car passes per reservation is based on the number of bedrooms per property. Guest will incur appropriate fees if car passes must be reproduced.

If Guest wishes to cancel a reservation, guidelines are as follows:
5% of the Base Rental Rate (before taxes), Credit Card fee if applicable and Reservation fee will be forfeited if cancelled 60 DAYS PRIOR to Commencement Date. The Prepayment, Credit Card fee if applicable and Reservation fee will be forfeited if cancelled between 60 DAYS and 30 Days Prior to the Commencement Date. The Total Rental amount, Credit card fee if applicable and Reservation fee will be forfeited if cancelled 30 Days or Less Prior to the Commencement Date.

Are available for certain rental properties. Any items Guest intends to have mailed or shipped to the property must be approved by Ferg Vacations, LLC so the necessary arrangements can be made.
Monthly Rental Electric Policy: For Villas/Condos - an allowance of $100 per month is included in the total rental amount and for Homes – an allowance of $200 per month is included in the total rental amount. Any overage will be billed to the Guest’s credit card on file.
Monthly Rental Cancellation policy: 5% of the Base Rental Rate (before taxes), Credit Card fee if applicable and Reservation fee will be forfeited if cancelled 120 DAYS PRIOR to Commencement Date. The Prepayment, Credit Card fee if applicable and Reservation fee will be forfeited if cancelled between 120 DAYS and 45 Days Prior to the Commencement Date. The Total Rental amount, Credit card fee if applicable and Reservation fee will be forfeited if cancelled 45 Days or Less Prior to the Commencement Date.

May be purchased separately for a 7.95% fee of your total rental amount and must be purchased on or before your final payment due date. This insurance covers situations such as an unforeseen illness or mandatory evacuation. No refunds will be given for any hurricane evacuation without Travel Insurance coverage unless a State or Town authority orders a mandatory evacuation. Damage Protection may be purchased separately as well for $50 and this offers up to $3,000 in coverage. Travel Insurance and Damage Protection are highly recommended for all reservations.

Bed Linens, Bath Towels (2 body towels, 1 hand towel and 1 washcloth per guest), Starter Kitchen/Bathroom Sets (1 pot holder, 2 dish towels, 1 individual pack of washer and dishwasher detergent, 1 roll of paper towels, 2 large and 2 small trash bags, 1 mini bottle of dish soap, 2 rolls of toilet paper and 1 box of tissues per bathroom, 1 mini bottle of shampoo and conditioner per bathroom, 2 bars of soap per bathroom). Guest will provide any additional items after starter sets run out. Extra beach towels are also encouraged for Guest to bring.

All properties are equipped with free wireless internet service. Wi-Fi password will be provided in your Welcome Email and in the Property Binder located at your property (normally located on or near the refrigerator). Phone landlines vary per property. If the property does supply a landline, nationwide long distance is provided. International calls are prohibited on rental property landlines.

Rental properties with private pools/spas may offer pool/spa heat for an additional charge. Pool/Spa heat must be requested 30 days prior to check-in. Private Spas/Spa jets are prohibited for use unless heat has been purchased. All private Pools/Spas are not heated for May, June, July, August and September of each calendar year.

Guest must be at least 25 years of age to make a reservation/check-in and must occupy the property for the entire length of the reservation. Any accompanying Guests must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult always.

If the Premises is not available for any reason, Ferg Vacations, LLC reserves the right to substitute a unit of reasonably comparable property located in one of the Hilton Head communities. If, on the Commencement Date, Ferg Vacations, LLC cannot provide the Premises in a fit and habitable condition or provide a reasonably comparable substitute property in such condition, Ferg Vacations, LLC shall refund to Guest all monies paid by Guest to Ferg Vacations, LLC. All homes and villas are portrayed accurately to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Properties are subject to change based on Owner improvements. Ferg Vacations, LLC is not responsible for any resort scheduling of road construction, elevator maintenance, pool and spa closures, etc.

All trailers, moving trucks, motorcycles or commercial/recreational vehicles are prohibited in any Hilton Head Island Plantation. Parking is restricted to your designated areas and not allowed on streets or lawn.

A valid credit card number will be taken upon booking in case of damages or incidentals incurred. Guest agrees to compensate the Owner for any damages due to negligence or carelessness on the part of the Guest or any excess cleaning needed. Any excess cleaning fees will be charged to the Guest if Property Manager finds the property to require more than a departure clean. Damage Insurance policies can be purchased separately during the booking process. Guest shall bear the sole risk of loss, including loss of or to any of his/her own possessions which he/she has placed in or on the Premises, and shall be responsible for insuring his/her own possessions against fire, theft, bodily injury and other catastrophes. House and furnishings are privately owned. Please do not remove or change the location of furniture. The cost to replace furniture will be charged to the Guest or insurance, if purchased. The property has been inventoried and inspected. If you notice something missing or broken please notify our office immediately.

Guest shall not assign this Agreement or sublet the Premises, or any part thereof without the prior written consent of Ferg Vacations, LLC. Any events such as weddings, receptions or large parties/gatherings must receive written approval from a Ferg Vacations, LLC and may be subject to an additional fee. If Guest misrepresents the approved event (which is determined by the Rental Agent), Guest agrees Ferg Vacations, LLC can refuse occupancy or have the property vacated without any refund to the Guest. The use of Firearms and/or Fireworks are strictly prohibited inside or outside of the Premises always and will result in immediate removal of Guest from the Premises with no refund.

Guest shall not make any alterations or additions in or about the Premises. Specifically, the use of satellite dishes, water beds, auxiliary heaters or placing antennas on or about the Premises is prohibited.

The existence of this Agreement does not entitle Guest use of recreational or club facilities unless otherwise agreed to outside of this Agreement. Fireplaces are not available for Guest use. Garage use varies with each property. Ask your Rental Agent upon booking.

Guest agrees that Ferg Vacations, LLC, the Owner or their respective representatives may enter
the Premises during reasonable hours to inspect the Premises, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements thereto as Ferg Vacations, LLC or Owner may deem appropriate, or to show the Premises to prospective purchasers or tenants.

Occasionally home equipment malfunctions and cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time. Repairs will be
handled in a timely and professional manner. Denying repair services can result in a liability to Guest for any additional charges/damages. The rental rate cannot be adjusted due to malfunction of equipment.

Guest agrees to comply with all obligations imposed by law on Guest with respect to maintenance of the Premises, including but not limited to: (i) keeping the Premises as clean and safe as the conditions of the Premises permit; (ii) causing no unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the Premises and any common areas which Guest uses; (iii) disposal of all garbage and other waste in a clean and safe manner; (iv) keeping all plumbing fixtures in the Premises as clean as their condition permits; (v) refraining from destroying, defacing, damaging or removing any part of the Premises or rendering inoperable the smoke detector provided by the owner; and (vi) taking responsibility for all damage, defacement or removal of any property inside the Premises. All properties are non-smoking. Any violation of the smoking prohibition shall subject the Guest to the termination provisions of this Agreement. Owner and Ferg Vacations, LLC reserve the right to charge a housekeeping fee in addition to the non-refundable housekeeping fee described in Paragraph 2 above for any additional cleaning services if smoking-related odor or stains are detected. Guest shall immediately notify Ferg Vacations, LLC in writing, of any problem, malfunction or damage to the Premises and shall pay for any damage to Premises because of failure to report a problem in a timely manner. Guest agrees not to use the Premises for any activity or purpose that violates any criminal law or governmental regulation. Guest’s breach of any duty contained in this Agreement shall be considered material and shall result in the termination of Guest’s tenancy. If the move-out inspection reveals any damage beyond normal wear and tear, Ferg Vacations, LLC is permitted to charge Guest as provided in Paragraph 14.

Guest shall not keep domestic or other animals on or about the Premises without the PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT of Ferg Vacations, LLC. If pets or other animals are found on or about the premises without permission, Guest will be asked to leave without a refund and charged an additional minimum fee of $250 for cleaning. If Ferg Vacations, LLC does consent, at the sole discretion of management, the Guest will be required to make payment of a non-refundable pet fee which varies per property. Guest acknowledges that such fee is reasonable.

Each property will consist of at least one owner closet/cabinet. Owner closets/cabinets will be locked and are not accessible to Guest. If Owner closet/cabinet is open or unlocked upon arrival, Guest shall notify Rental Agent immediately.

Hilton Head noise ordinance (#95-05) requires that Owners or other Occupants be considerate of the surrounding community and its property owners and refrain from generating outside noise at a level that disturbs others between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Unruly or disruptive behavior at any time will result in the termination of this agreement and the Guest will be ordered to vacate the premises. Due to Sea Turtle habitation, all ocean facing lights must be turned off by 10pm from May 1 – October 31 each calendar year (it’s the Law).

At the expiration of the term, Guest shall quit and surrender the Premises hereby demised in as good state and condition as they were on the Commencement Date, including but not limited to the furniture, furnishing and other personal property, reasonable use and wear thereof and damages by the elements accepted.

Per the South Carolina Lodging Establishment Act, if Guest or any member of his/her party violates any of the material terms of this Agreement, including but not limited to any breach which this Agreement specifically states to be material, then Ferg Vacations, LLC may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement with no refund of any of the unused portion of the rents or deposits, and may enter the Premises by force or by statutory proceedings, if occupancy by Guest is deemed to be damaging the rental unit, and remove Guest, the members of his/her party and their belongings immediately.

If the ownership of the Premises is transferred/deeded more than 90 days prior to the Commencement Date, the new owner has no obligation to honor this Agreement, but if the new owner does not honor this Agreement, the Guest shall be due a refund of all advance payments, after any lawful deductions, within 45 days of the recording of the transfer in ownership. The obligations of Ferg Vacations, LLC and the Guest related to the transfer of property are governed by Section 27-50-250 of the South Carolina Vacation Rental Act.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any one or more phrases, sentences, clauses or provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining portions of this Agreement or any part thereof.

The provisions of this Agreement and any attachments hereto, shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of Ferg Vacations, LLC and the Guest, and their respective successors, legal representatives, and assigns.

Guest (to include Guest Invitees) agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Ferg Vacations, LLC, Owners, its Agents, Servants and Employees from any and all injury, loss, damage (including wrongful death), actions, causes of actions, or claims of any kind whatsoever (including reasonable court costs, attorney’s fees and disbursement) to any person or property arising from, relating to, or in connection with the use and occupancy of the Premises or to equipment, swimming pools, docks, spas, furnishings or appurtenances thereto resulting from any negligent or willful act or omission of Guest, Guest’s guests, independent repairman or contractors hired by Guest without the prior written consent of Ferg Vacations, LLC or Owner. Ferg Vacations, LLC reserves the right to refund or refuse rental to anyone. All parties waive any right to a trial by jury in any action related to this agreement or the relationship between Ferg Vacations, LLC/Owner and Guest/Guest’s guest and their respective successors and assigns.

**Be sure to return to this page periodically to review the most current version of the Agreement. We reserve the right at any time, at our sole discretion, to change or otherwise modify the Agreement without prior notice, and your continued access or use of this Website signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified agreement.